Iran Cooking Tour - 10 days land only

Come along for an unforgettable journey as we explore the tastes and culture of Iran. We have compiled a delightful itinerary that will have you experience different corners of this wonderful country.
Persian cuisine has one of the most complete ingredients, Stews and Kababs are well known Persian dishes that Iranian chefs have cooked for hundreds of years. Every meal for Iranians is an opportunity for the whole family to get together. The flavours are recognized by the influence of spices that are key ingredients to their delicious cuisine. Every traditional Iranian food has a story behind it and this will make for a memorable trip.
If you love food, cooking & cultural highlights then join us for this interesting and adventurous escorted small group tour and learn first hand about this amazing country
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Starting fromR37 530
Package ValidityTour starts in Shiraz on 20 APR 2018 ** A 20% non-refundable deposit is due on confirmation & full payment due no later than 15 FEB 2018 **
Duration10 days
Starts inShiraz
Ends inTehran


- Return airport/hotel transfers
- 3 nights accommodation at the Forough Hotel in Shiraz including an early check-in
- 1 night accommodation at the Kohan Kashane in Yazd
- 3 nights accommodation at the Setarech Hotel in Isfahan
- 1 night accommodation at Negin Boutique Hotel in Kashan
- 1 night accommodation at Hotels Saina in Tehran incuding a late check-out
- Breakfast daily & 10 dinners
- A cooking lesson in Shiraz including lunch
- A cooking lesson in Tehran including lunch
- Assistance of an English speaking guide and tour leader
- Touring by coach
- Entrance fees to sites visited as per the itinerary

** Please note that no alcohol is permitted into Iran & no alcohol is served in any of the hotels or cafes **

Day 1

Fri (20th April 2018) Shiraz

Arrival in Shiraz

At 04:55 am, welcoming by your guide, early check in your hotel, after rest and breakfast, we have a full day city tour to visit Shiraz, this city is known for its poets such as Hafez and Saadi , and its beautiful gardens so you have many choices to visit there.
The first attraction we will visit is Nasir-ol-molk mosque which is mostly known as the pink mosque, it is recommended to visit the pink mosque before noon and to wear white shirt because of the sun lights and the beautiful reflections. This mosque is a real masterpiece with its colorful Shabestan. We will have a great walk and meet locals in the narrow streets of sange-e siah quarter with its hundred-year houses; it is an old quarter in Shiraz.

As Shiraz was operated by karim khan-e zand and it was the seat of his government so zandieh complex included many beautiful and historic buildings were built by the orders of karim khan. We visit Zandieh Complex (Karimkhan citadel (an outside view), vakil mosque, and vakil bazaar with Saraye Moshir) that are so important because of their specific architecture. karim khan citadel is a part of Zandieh complex was built in Zandieh dynasty with the best architects and artists which were invited by karimkhan-e zand. During Zandieh era it was used by the king for living but after that in the other periods of Iran history, it was used as a prison and in 1971 it was given to Iran's cultural heritage organization to operate as a museum.
We then get to taste a traditional sweet of Shiraz which is called FALODEH,it is a cold dessert containing thin vermicelli-sized noodles and a kind of syrup made from sugar and rose water.

Overnight Shiraz

Day 2

Sat (21st April 2018) Shiraz

On the second day, we will have a cooking course and meet the chef and will learn how to cook delicious Iranian food, have lunch and enjoy what we have cooked.
We will probably learn and cook the famous local food of Shiraz which is called KALAM POLO or TAHCHIN

In the afternoon we have a half day tour of Shiraz. Visit ERAM botanical garden (one of the most beautiful gardens with many species of flowers and plants which is inscribed on the UNESCO so you can see many types of flowers and plants and enjoy its good weather and its beautiful scenery at the same time, then we visit the “must see” place in Shiraz (HAFEZ tomb).He is the most famous Iranian poet. his poems are often found in homes of Persian language people around the world. the best time to visit Hafez tomb is early evening and sunset time but if we are lucky after the rain you can take fantastic pictures with the beautiful reflection of tomb.

Day 3

Sun (22nd April 2018) Sepidan

Have an excursion to SEPIDAN, a city with a beautiful nature not far from Shiraz, about 80 km.
We will experience local life of Iranians in Persian villages and touch their daily life and taste the local food of the region. Also we will visit a Bedouin Village in Sepidan, where will will watch the practice of a traditional Iranian heroic sport known as Zurkhaneh, after which we will tavel back to Shiraz.

Day 4

Mon (23rd April 2018) Shiraz-Yazd

Drive to Marvdasht, Visit Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemeniad Empire and was inscribed in the world heritage site (UNESCO). It’s massive and huge construction which surprise you, how it was made at that time.
We continue onto Yazd and visit Amir Chakhmaq Square (a well-known structure located in the central of Yazd) it's used often for national events and religious costumes in Yazd. The best time to visit this place with its beautiful architecture is around the sunset.

Overnight Yazd

Day 5

Tue (24th April 2018) Yazd- Isfahan

We have a full day tour in the ancient city of Yazd (this historical city was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO recently) and explore the old town area, we start with Jameh Mosque. It is the one of the most marvelous historical monuments which dates back to the 14 century . it has a magnificent dome and decorated with turquoise tiles. Then you’ll visit Dowlat abad garden (one of the famous gardens among UNESCO Persian gardens) that is located in the central of Yazd and contains a large appealing garden and some buildings with colorful glasses.
Tower of Silence or Zoroastrian burial ground take you to the world of pre-Islamic and Zoroastrians hundreds of years ago, and going to local bazaars and the famous local sweet shop to taste the different kinds of Yazdi sweets.
En-route to Isfahan we visit Naein in the afternoon and the underground workshop of weaving cotton; continue onto Isfahan

Overnight Isfahan

Day 6

Wed (25th April 2018) Isfahan

We a full day tour in the city of Isfahan, “Half of the world”, grand square of Isfahan, Naghsh-e Jahan square is one of the biggest and most beautiful squares in the world. You’ll visit four historical treasures of Iran at the same time (Imam Mosque, Ali Qapo, Shaikh lotf-o-llah Mosque and Qeysarieh bazaar), Imam and Shaikh lotf ollah mosques are the masterpieces of Iran architecture in the Islamic era that was built by safavid empire then spend some hours in Qeysarieh bazaar that is one of the oldest and largest traditional bazaars of Iran.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 7

Thu (26th April 2018) Isfahan

Going to Jolfa Armenian quarter and spend some time in its cozy cafes and explore the Armenian shops, visiting Vank cathedral, one of the most memorable churches with the most architectural and artistic treasures of Armenian’s of Isfahan.

Then exploring the local bazaar of the city and try and buy the special sweets of Isfahan, GAZ, you can have your meal in a traditional restaurant and even try a famous local food of Isfahan which is called BERYANI.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 8

Fri (27th April 2018) Isfahan- Abyaneh-Kashan

Drive to Kashan. On the way we stop to visit Abyaneh village which is a picturesque village near Isfahan. Women's clothing in Abyaneh is unique; they wear white and colorful scarves and skirts. The red- colored houses has made this village special.
We continue onto Kashan, where we will have have a city tour to visit one of the most famous traditional houses which is called TABATABEE house, its name comes from a merchant who built the construction of this residential building consists of four courtyards, wall paintings and beautiful gardens. Then a visit to the historical FIN garden (A UNESCO world heritage site). It is famous due to the historic event that happened there, it contains fin bath where Amir kabir (Qajar chancellor) was murdered by a person who sent from king Naser- aldin shah in 1852.

Then go to the traditional bazaar in the center of Kashan. It was built in Seljuk era with a beautiful architecture. We’ll taste local food of the city. In the bazaar complex, there are mosques, tombs, caravansaries and baths. Based on your time you can visit Mir ahmad bath (it is an example of the most beautiful architectural and decorative bath in Iran).
Overnight Kashan

Day 9

Sat (28th April 2018) Kashan-Tehran

Drive to Tehran, Visiting Tehran Great Bazaar, it is a historical place where you can find whatever you like to buy such as souvenirs, handicrafts and also you can eat local food there. In addition to shop, it contains banks, mosques and guest houses. Continue onto Darband , formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, is a neighborhood inside Tehran's metropolitan limits. It is the beginning of a popular hiking trail into Mount Tochal, which towers over Tehran.
It is famous for its county, beautiful nature, clean water and cool fresh air. there is a complex of the traditional restaurants in a beautiful nature, have dinner and transfer to your hotel.

Overnight Tehran

Day 10

(Sun 29th April) Tehran

Our journey will end in Tehran with a Persian Food Tours cooking class.
After having a breakfast in your hotel, the gastronomy day begins, you’ll go to the Tajrish bazaar to buy whatever you need to cook in your cooking class then you will transfer to the kitchen!
Here you will learn how to cook traditional food of Iran.

We enjoy the lunch that we have cooked

Transfer back to your hotel.

After some rest in your hotel, prepare to late check out at 19:30.
Transfer to Airport and fly back home.